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Save Carson Beckett  #1
Save Carson Beckett!
We want the Heart of Atlantis back!
shep B&W
I typed up my notes, loaded up some photos, of Paul McGillion's apperance at his first east coast Stargate Atlantis convention, at


11|01|07 - 21:31(no subject)

Hey guys!

first time posting here!

Ive realised theres quite a few really good and touching 'sunday' music videos hanging around the web. Since paul's going to wolf events pegasus 3 in london on 25th-27th jan 08, i wondered if anyone knows if the con will accept music videos that are already on the web or do they need to be new ones? and if they do accept ones that have already been on the web does anyone know how we can send them in?
i had a quick glance on the website but didnt see anything about sending in music videos.

just an idea to show paul were still all supporting him.

10|06|07 - 14:32 - New Paul McGillion interview
shep B&W
 A brief transcript of Paul's new interview at SliceofSciFi can be found here

Playmobile archaeologist
Hi, I'm new

Just saw that PM will be in London in May (www.mcmexpo.net), and thought people would like to know! To show their support for him in person etc. I'm not registered to post on the website forum, and am living in hope of an early night(!) so feel free to let others know as appropriate (which I hope this is. Appropriate, I mean. See, sleep is good. If not, I'm sorry!).

03|23|07 - 21:28 - Press coverage
time and space
Some press coverage has already been sighted, also David Hewlett blogged about the campaign and included pictures. He is so sweet and supportive.

David Hewlett's Blog

Newspaper articles:
The Vancouver Sun
24 Hours Vancouver
and The Province.
Protest over demise of TV character launches today at Bridge StudiosCollapse )
time and space
TJ has reported that the the pipe band event was a rousing, incredible success. The weather was terrible (it rained cats and dogs) but around 70 fans turned out! The band had a tarp over them so they got to stay dry, and their music was world class.Joe Mallozzi came outside as promised and chatted with the fans and press and was reportedly very nice to our girls. There was tons of press there, from CBC to United Press International! Our folks and Joe gave radio and TV interviews and got their pics taken for all posterity. The event will be all over the Vancouver news tonight and TJ is trying to record as much of it as possible but if anyone is in the area and can do a digital recording as well, that would be great.Oh, David Hewlett, Rachel, Jason and other actors came over to the fence and said hi to everyone and even signed our Save Carson posters for us to auction! Both David and Jason said that they hop we will be successful because they really miss Paul. It is nice that they also support us so much . Joe Mallozzi BTW told the fans and press that if we can get our campaign mentioned on a US national news show (Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, etc), then he will bring back Carson for at least 2 episodes in Season 4. TJ and the girls have started a fund raise for a full page Variety add which will cost around eight thousand dollars. If you can spare a dollar or more then please go to www.savecarsonbeckett.com and donate. An ad in Variety should help us get some coverage on ET or similar.

You can read more about the bagpipe campaign over here at www.savecarsonbeckett.com

We should all be proud of TJ, Anise, and Jenner for arranging everything and pulling it off so well. I know I am!
03|17|07 - 11:16 - Attention! Attention!
time and space

For anyone attending the Vancouver Convention

On Thursday March 22nd, 12.30pm-2pm
The 'Save Carson Beckett' Campaign has organised a special event.

The Highland Celts of Canada Pipeband will perform outside Bridge Studios in support of 'Save Carson'. JOE MALLOZZI himself has blogged on the event and time allowing, our sources tell us he will be in joining us during the performance. As the event is being staged at production's lunchtime (to cause minimal disruption to filming) its possible many other cast and crew members will join him to watch.

TV, Radio and Newspapers have been informed and invited to attend. So join us to not only show support for 'Save Carson' but also Stargate: Atlantis itself!

Please note this is NOT a protest but a fun and humorous publicity event, supported and paid for by fans around the globe. We ask that everyone attending remains well-behaved and respectful!

...oh and happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone =)

03|17|07 - 11:15 - Two new "Sunday" reviews
time and space
SFX and Starburst have each a review on "Sunday" in their newest issue and like us they were anything but happy about the episode.

 SFX Review
By Leah Holmes

One Line Tag:

'The one where: They Kill Beckett. The B@st@rds.'

We were inundated with letters from fans protesting about Beckett's death and I have to say I agree with them. Killing him off was bad enough, but death by exploding tumour? How did anyone think that would be a good idea? It just doesn't fit with the genuinely poignant farewell scenes at the end (yes I cried). Surely they could have come up with something better? It's not a great episode anyway, but this just makes it worse.

2 1/2 stars out of 5


Starburst Review
By Paul Spragg

After time spent trying to make the team more close-knit over the season, it's paying off well here, with scenes between Teyla and Weir, Ronon and Sheppard and McKay and Beckett that really do feel honest and like these people are really friends with each other. But that's about the only positive, as it reveals Beckett to be the most developed and fun to be around of them all, exactly the one who'd be last on your list if you were a writer looking for someone to kill off in a shock way. Or so you might think.

There are other downsides: Weir's prospective boyfriend is such a smug, slimy git that she should be punching him not kissing him, and after all the lesson's Rodney's learnt about his brittle, unfeeling nature, why is he still utterly failing to put them into practice and become a better person? It's as though the writers have gone as far as they want to with the character and development stopped.

Then there's Carson's death. Ripped off from last season's Grey's Anatomy, it's overplayed, unconvincing and wholly unneccessary, with Beckett making a stupid decision that gets him killed. And don't get me started on the godawful babpipes, mixed with the sound of the stargate dialling to make the whole experience worse. The Wrath of Khan it ain't.

time and space
The 'Paisley Daily Express', Paisley the town Paul was born in Scotland, just outside Glasgow, ran an article recently about Paul being written out of the show. It is a lovely article, quite long with two pictures. The article was scanned by Susan. Many thanks to her!!!!!! Because of its size under a cut.

The Paisley Daily ExpressarticleCollapse )
time and space
I found a YouTube link for the wonderful Carson video OBFreak has made. It is really one of the best and IMO sort of hammers home how great Carson was. If you don't know the video already: Enjoy!

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